BMW Group

In Brief:

- Works offline - inspections can be completed and saved without a network connection
- Available in multi-language versions. First solution delivered in English, then Japanese
- Integrated with back-end database from Impetus Automotive

BMW was established in Germany in 1916.

In 1922 it relocated to its current headquarters in Munich.

In 1994 it acquired the Rover group, from which it retains the MINI brand. In 2002, it fully acquired the Rolls Royce marque and one year later began manufacturing the luxury vehicles at its new plant in Goodwood, UK.

Today, the BMW Group employees over 116,000 people around the world, and produces over 2 million automobiles.

The Problem:

The BMW Group required an updated system for conducting dealer audits worldwide. They needed a solution which was straightforward to use, that minimised paperwork, and allowed information to be visible to management personnel in real-time. The system also needed to be available in different languages so that dealerships from different countries could use the same software.

The Solution:

TAAP provided a Windows tablet based system with a user-friendly interface for filling in audit information.

There are five different types of form within the BMW TAAP system, all specified by the BMW Group so that they can fill in anything from Entry level audits through to Dealer visits. A simple colour coded ‘pass’, ‘fail’ or ‘let’ button arrangement enables swift but accurate auditing, and allows auditors to see at a glance whether they have filled in all areas.

Photo Capture

Supporting photos can be captured by the software and integrated into the output of the form.

Report Generation

A branded Word document is generated directly from the software onto the tablet device, which shows all the detail of the audit form.

  Oct 2, 2015   admin

“TAAP’s Dealer Audit system enables the BMW Group to conduct effective checks on its valuable network of dealers to ensure continuous quality for its customers. We have managed to significantly improve access to information by using a tablet interface and the integrated report generator.”

BMW Group

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