In Brief:

- Collection and delivery application implemented for 50 vehicle drivers

- Pick-up and drop-off of patients, and collection and delivery of medical items

- Vehicle check included in application

- Mapping shows driver routes

- Improves productivity, efficiency, and eliminates unnecessary paperwork

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust provides health and social care for people with mental ill health, physical ill health and learning disabilities.

The Trust’s fleet of 50 vehicles cover one million miles a year including transporting patients and delivering samples, medical records and equipment between hospitals.

Following a comprehensive review of its operations, the Trust has put specialist software and a toughpad tablet at the heart of its logistics operation.

Each vehicle driver is equipped with the device to improve efficiency and productivity. Drivers are typically basedat one of the Trust’s sites and drive circular routes throughthe community, picking up and delivering as required.Alternatively, some vehicles are used to deliver samples and medical records to specialist hospitals around the country.

Nick and his team have worked with specialist business application development partner TAAP to create the software application. Together the application and Toughpad tablet becomes a powerful tool for the mobile worker.

Using a series of drop-down menus for speed and ease of use, the driver can scan barcodes and record signatures for proof of collection or delivery.

Communication by Phone

The tablet can also be used as a phone to contact the control centre or departments as required. This is an important safety feature for the drivers, who work alone, so that they can always contact someone during an emergency.

Encryption and Security

Finally, the software encrypts and transfers information back to the control centre in real-time.

This is an important feature to meet data protection and confidentiality requirements because it ensures that data is never stored on the device, in case they are misplaced or stolen.

  Oct 2, 2015   admin

“This new system saves us a lot of paper work, improves our productivity and efficiency and provides a fully traceable proof of collection and delivery service. My long-term ambition would be to see this solution rolled out to other NHS Trusts for their use.

Nick Smith, Transport Services Manager, Herts NHS Trust