Durham & Tees Valley CRC

In Brief

- Offender monitoring system using mobile devices
- Collects signatures when offenders check in
- Provides map-based information for location of supervisors
- Calculates hours worked

Officially launched on 1st June 2014, The Durham Tees Valley Community Rehabilitation Company Limited provides supervision of offenders in the community, helping to protect the public from harm, reduce reoffending

and to rehabilitate offenders. Building on the excellent track record of the Durham Tees Valley Probation Trust, the "CRC" is a new organisation created by the Government's Transforming Rehabilitation agenda.

It is responsible for supervising around 5000 offenders subject to either a Community Order or a prison Licence from 14 sites throughout its geographical area.

The Challenge

Prior to the change in rehabilitation and probation services, Durham and Tees Valley Probation Trust required a system which used mobile devices so that the processes associated with offenders on the unpaid work schemes were made more efficient. It was necessary to get rid of paperwork so that records could be checked more quickly and so that information would be available centrally in realtime.

The Solution

Using Motorola MC45 mobile devices, the system provided by TAAP allows each supervisor to receive a pre-defined list of offenders for each job undertaken, and to register them against this when they are collected or when they arrive at the site for work. The supervisor collects their signatures on starting and ending the job, and this is also time stamped.

Real-Time Location Information

The system uses TAAP’s location based service— CLOC—in order to provide a real-time view of the location of the mobile devices, displayed on a map.

Hours Worked and Alerts

Information such as the number of hours worked and the remaining hours for each offender are automatically calculated by the software. There are alerts set up if offenders fail to turn up for the jobs they are allocated to.

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“The TAAP system enables us to securely collect the information associated with an offender on the unpaid work scheme so their records are up to date in real-time, and everyone involved in the process is informed of the status of the hours worked.”

Durham & Tees Valley CRC

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