Our Approach
KIG is proud to announce that our new COVID19 Employee Safeguarding solution is powered by mpro5. A highly trusted and flexible software platform used across industries for a variety of use cases. As Covid-19 lockdown eases, organisations need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and clients by minimising the risk of exposure to the virus. To support businesses, we have tailored the mpro5 app with the Safe Use of Buildings Protocol workflow, to be used alongside temperature capture technology, for checking individuals entering business premises as to whether they are Covid-19 symptomatic and for subsequent actions to be initiated.

Your Process
Employers owe a duty of care to staff to assure them of a safe work environment and several safeguards will be both advised and mandated by the Government. Implementing these and returning to some semblance of “normal” will require operational changes combined with expedited processes and technological delivery. mpro5 will allow you to quickly implement clear and simple steps across all of your facilities, that complement the government guidance to individuals.

The Solution
A high fever is the most prominent symptom of Covid-19. Temperature capture for identifying the likelihood of individuals carrying the virus, combined with a robust and verifiable follow-up process provides an effective, non-invasive and efficient return to work protocol that can be implemented quickly by all businesses.

Thermal imaging technology can provide a non-invasive read of body temperatures of those arriving on-site, quickly highlighting those with a potential fever while allowing others to pass through easily. Those highlighted can then have their temperature taken accurately to within half a degree, before undertaking a short cooling-off period in case their temperature is due to recent physical exertion.

The mpro5 app enables operators to accurately record the temperature readings, cooling-off time, and further information about the individual if their temperature remains high. mpro5 then provides instructions for the operator to relay to the individual and automatically emails out copies of everything captured and/or advised.

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