IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

KIG collect, dispose, recycle and refurbish unwanted IT assets. Utilise our computer recycling service for the removal of IT equipment from your business.

Our service includes:
  • Nationwide Packing and Collection Service
  • Security Vetted Staff Handling Your Devices
  • Data Wiping Services, at Your Premises or at KIG
  • Data Destruction at Your Premises or at KIG
  • Asset Recovery and Refurbishment
  • Revenue Return and Guaranteed Pricing
  • Exceeding Government Disposal Regulation
  • Inventory Reporting and Certificates of Data Wiping.

Tell us more about your IT Asset Disposal requirements

    Asset 28

    Our secure IT asset disposal service aims to make asset retirement a simple but effective procedure for our customers. Our service providers can offer a service with security as a primary factor which is coherent with WEEE disposal government regulations.

    With our service we can offer obsolete equipment from your company an opportunity to add some value back to the equipment as it may still have a place at another company which can be found on the secondary market. Our IT Disposal services has a refurbishment rate of almost 90% of all equipment collected.

    KIG will do its upmost to re-market your equipment but in circumstances when we cannot, the IT disposal process we offer exceeds UK regulation as we look to recycle natural resources found in IT equipment.

    We can also offer effective methods of removal of stored data on hard drives which need to be disposed. This process of sanitizing a device is crucial to make sure sensitive data is destroyed but is often not done correctly. With our services we can provide a safe and secure method in the removal of data in hard drive storage.