Mobile Surveillance

Mobile Surveillance

KIG is passionate about your business security. This is why mobile and communications surveillance services are vitally important. We work with the industry leader Voxsmart to ensure multichannel communication surveillance technology designed with financial market regulations in mind.

Communication Surveillance

The smarter way to monitor communications and mitigate risk. Vital evidence and insights are missed from monitoring phone calls, emails and chats separately. Detect signs of market abuse or misconduct by combining your voice and electronic communications surveillance to clearly track and monitor your workforce’ behaviour.

Guarantee 100% connection and analysis across eComms and voice: including mobile, fixed-line, chats, audio attachments, WhatsApp, WeChat, and SMS.

Mobile Capture

Join leading financial institutions across the globe who are doing business over Voice, SMS, WhatsApp and WeChat. Equip your workforce with the tools required to access emerging markets, connect with new customers and increase revenue opportunities, all while avoiding the fines.

Our solution allows you to monitor Any Network on Any Sim anywhere on any Android device.

Trade Reconstruction

Increase trade transparency, improve oversights and automatically understand your business activity.

Siloed communication and trade data make it impossible to accurately understand your business activity. By combining insight from communications and trades and orders, efficiently investigate the context around your trades, detect suspicious activity and provide accurate reconstructions to comply with Dodd-Frank Title VII, MiFID II, MAR and other global regulations.

We provide regulator ready data, trade activity timelines and proactive predict intent.

User Interface

Voxsmarts intuitive UI makes analysing conversations and reporting simple.

Armed with our advanced communications surveillance portal, administrators and compliance teams can dive deeper into their organisation’s data, reconstruct trades and produce on-demand reports for regulators.

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