Give your users a highly standardised secure platform without the upfront & ongoing cost of a traditional VDI platform

The way people work is changing – driven by rising expectations and
technological advances. Yet introducing new tools for personalization, connectivity, and collaboration also creates new challenges for CIOs:

  • How to balance costs while supporting legacy IT
  • How to successfully transform workstation environments
  • How to support all end-user devices while reducing TCO
  • How to smooth the transition to innovate quickly
  • How to improve user experience and productivity

Traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can address some of
these issues. However, its inherent complexity and large upfront investment
make it difficult to implement. KIG vDaaS removes these
barriers so you can adopt desktop virtualization faster and more easily
than ever before as a service from the cloud.

KIG vDaaS enables employees to use applications and data securely from
any device. Your cloud desktops are instantly available in any geographic
area. And they can enjoy access at any time of day or night. As a fully scalable cloud solution, it meets the demands of organiza-tions
large and small and you only pay for what you consume each month. This
low-cost, market-leading approach is also fully automated to make life
easier for IT teams.

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