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vDaaS is a virtual desktop service that enables businesses to deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops to any device, from anywhere.
Give your users a highly standardised secure platform without the upfront & ongoing cost of a traditional VDI platform

Unified User Experience

Unified User Experience

Virtual desktop and apps

Virtual Desktop & Apps

Fast Deployment

Fast Deployment

predictable costs

Predictable Costs


Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

enterprise security

Enterprise Security

This solution provides a completely hosted desktop with applications and OS securely delivered over the web. A fully managed outsourced service that provides a work environment with as little or as much IT support from KIG to assist your existing IT team, if required.

The way people work is changing, this change stems from rising expectations and technological advances. The introduction of new tools for personalization, connectivity, and collaboration also creates new challenges for CIOs:

  • Device proliferation
  • Strained IT resources
  • Multi-OS complexity
  • Shrinking IT budgets
  • Increasing security threats
  • Flexibility within a business.

Traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can address some of these issues. However, its inherent complexity and large upfront investment make it difficult to implement. KIG vDaaS removes these barriers which Virtual Desktop Infrastructure find complex, and because of its large upfront costs may not be possible for smaller businesses.

vDaaS allows the opportunity to adopt desktop virtualisation faster and more easily than ever before, as a service from the cloud. It meets the demands of organisations large and small and you only pay for what you consume each month. This low-cost, market-leading approach is also fully automated to make life easier for IT teams.

What your IT team can expect:
  • Easy-to-buy, fast-to-deploy, straightforward contract models
  •  Choose service packages for bespoke end-user experiences
  • No upfront investment required
  • Any device, anywhere with flexibility to scale up & down 
  • Pay-as-you-go model and 24×7 availability
  • No need for endpoint roll-outs for IT refreshes
  • An industry-standard, multi-tenant virtual desktop solution
  • Advanced security with all KIG clients kept separate
  • High scalability with centralized management
  • The ability to connect enterprise assets to hosted desktops
  • Separate interfaces for IT Teams and end users