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Knight IT Empower users, everywhere. Our user-centric approach to IT services has driven success to our clients through their workforce. Delivering the support, security, and productivity tools users need to be productive and successful. Knight IT services and technology enable your business to streamline operations & drive success.

Specialising in IT Managed Services, Automation and Hyperreality. Knight IT understands that the success of your business is dependent on your users ability to perform. Combining our experience, expertise and intelligence with leading technologies, Knight IT have created an eco-system of products, tools and services that create a secure, scalable and stable modern workplace for your users.

Established in 2014, KIG continues to grow as a company through the expertise of its employees. Working together with our vendor partnerships, Knight IT integrated leading industry IT solutions to help you reach your IT goals to empower your business.

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Our team have a range of expertise across multiple IT solutions with over 50 years of experience between them

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Tailored Customer Solutions

Every company is different and requires different solutions. Let us unlock your business potential.

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Strong Vendor Partnerships

Our services incorporate specialist technology and best practices provided by our vendors.