Reduce your costs while increasing your users productivity & team collaboration with a secure hands-free, voice enabled headset

Introducing RealWear enabled remote collaboration for our service technicians allowed knowledge transfer from remote experts in real-time. Empowering collaboration amongst our workforce and facilitated the capture of audio and video of tasks to share with clients and useful for training

Manufacturing Director – Leading Car Manufacturer

The headset completely changed how we recorded compliance as part of our tasks processes. RealWear enabled our engineers to capture (hands-free) video & audio of their tasks, and significantly sped up the process of customer sign-off. RealWear has revolutionised how our workforce works and is providing a considerable return of investment

IT Director – Leading Gas & Oil Company

Introducing RealWear

RealWear, a knowledge transfer tool, is a voice-controlled ruggedized headset with a micro-display. The hands-free headset provides an image to a user in their eyesight as if they were viewing a seven-inch screen. RealWear provides the foundation to empower your workforce through collaboration.

Purposely built to empower industry workforces, RealWear is the worlds first hands-free android tablet class wearable computer. Designed for safety within difficult work environments, it enhances a user’s situational awareness for greater focus and adaptability. The hands-free headset can provide information in-situ for smarter decision making and faster training.

RealWear Features

  • Safe ATEX Zone 1 and CSA C1/D1
  • 100% Hands-Free Voice-based operating system
  • Unmatched Noise Cancellation four digital microphones
  • Online and Offline working availability
  • Audio Integrated speaker and 3.5mm audio jack
  • IP66 Water & Dust Resistant
  • Ruggedized and weather permitted from -20 degrees-50 degrees
  • Full Shift Internal Battery 8-10 hours

From the back office to the road, into the field and all of the hardest to reach places where no other device can go.

RealWear Benefits

Knowledge Transfer

Remote Mentor enables inexperienced technicians to join a virtual meeting in real-time with experienced colleagues

Downtime Avoidance

Hands-free audio and video mean less time manually reporting, users stay focused on the task whilst troubleshooting

Industry Compliance

Troubleshoot work issues and remotely perform live inspection via 2-way video as supervisors watch on a laptop


RealWear supports real life training scenario’s. Access to experts, playback training videos & read manuals for reference

Real-time access

Arm your workforce with immediate access to IoT data, manuals and schematics, Health & Safety procedures and training materials

Video Conference

Live Video call conferencing via teams, zoom and other services via the headset hands-free

RealWear KPI’s

Reduction in the classroom to field readiness
Increase in productivity in workforces
Higher quality output on tasks

Don’t just take our word for it

Using a ruggedized hands-free headset has drastically improved efficiency and accuracy of work carried out in the field. The SLA we provide to our customers is now documented with image and video proof-of-work

We have many apprentices within our workforce who thrive off using cutting edge technology. It is an important aspect of developing their skills, RealWear provides the collaboration in-the-field learning from the internal experts

RealWear has enabled our workforce to implement decisions faster with reduced error as they know exactly what needs to be carried out, this ultimately has reduced downtime and costs

Since adopting RealWear our workforce has become more informed, they are ensuring that they are meeting & maintaining compliance and safety standards. This has significantly reduced errors amongst our workforce

Smart glasses are a wearable computer which provides access to a virtual display in the wearer’s line of sight, overlaying data and information onto real-world environments. The display is either projected directly onto the person’s eye or within their peripheral vision so that it does not completely block their field of view.

Not all smart glasses have been designed to work in any environment. The leading brands are not susceptible to light or temperature and ruggedized. Although, for more difficult environments which could be extremely noisy or at extreme temperatures it is recommended that a ruggedized option of smart glasses are used such as RealWear. They are designed to withstand environments that could be noisy, freezing and shock-resistant.

AR-Empowered humans can improve the speed of processes and tasks completion. Hands-free wearable computers bridge the gap between digital transformation and workers day-to-day activities which can improve compliance and maintain safety amongst your workforce

Wearable computers can empower users to increase productivity by giving them the resources which can minimise downtime and troubleshoot problems that occur when completing tasks. Point-of-view streaming to experienced experts off-site is far more efficient than waiting for them to arrive on site. Wearable computers can ensure compliance is monitored and available for future reviews, as users can take photos and videos of their work as they go. Safety is maintained as workers stay hands-free and can deliver the necessary information that the safety process is being followed.