Managed SIEM


Identify threats in real-time, protect your business with a cost-efficient security subscription

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    Knight IT’s SIEM as a Service is AI empowered. Increase the visibility across your IT environment and protect your business by identifying threats in real-time. SIEM delivers a peace of mind that your business is kept safe and remains compliant across your IT environment with actionable insights and reporting. 

    Create a real-time picture of potential threats to the IT environment, enabling your cybersecurity to be proactive rather than reactive.


    The Benefits SIEM gives your Business



    SIEM can provide huge amounts of data used to analyse and report on from data points across your IT network.

    Incident Detection

    Cyber-attacks and breaches have become more sophisticated, timing is crucial. SIEM will alert you in real-time .

    Security Efficiency

    Use security log data from one single dashboard for reporting and analyses. Minimise damage from attacks

    Why SIEM as a Service?


    Knight IT offer SIEM as part of a subscription model on a per user basis. There are no hidden costs and you can expect to find savings of up to 60% compared to leading providers.

    Protect Your Business

    Implementing SIEM ensures your business is protected for the future. Enabling visibility across your network delivers peace of mind that you are protected against all new emerging cyber threats.

    Stay Compliant

    SIEM can help you meet compliance requirements, automatically generate reports that show data logs and identifies security events.

      Book a SIEM consultation

      Find out why SIEM-as-a-Service is better suited for your business