Hybrid Working: the future work environment

The pandemic has caused significant changes in our lives. Everyone has had to adapt to how we interact with social distancing measures put in place, this has also affected how we collaborate as teams in our work live

Six risks that legacy technology has on a business

IT leaders across all industries are frustrated with legacy technology. It is reported around 27% are unhappy with their organisation’s continued reliance on old technology

Why would my business need SIEM?

Deploying a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) is the most effective way to prevent cyber security incidents in your business. SIEM is a monitoring & analysing tool that increases visibility across your IT environment and protects your business by identifying threats in real-time.

A simple guide to elements of SIEM

Introducing SIEM (Security Information Event Management) into your security strategy gives your business the upper hand over a cyber-attack.
SIEM is the process of monitoring, reporting, linking and analysing security incidents in an IT environment, in real-time.

IT Support KPIs that can transform you from an IT manager, into an IT superhero

Not all heroes wear capes but you might just get bought one if you start using these simple IT support KPIs. These easy to report metrics will enable you to deliver a complete IT support analysis and quietly discover areas that can be improved to maximise business & IT alignment.

Knight IT announce their new Managed IT & Cloud Services Portfolio

Knight IT during the first half of the year have been working relentlessly to develop their Managed Service portfolio on offer to their current and future clients. Partnering with Tier 1 vendors, Knight IT will provide enterprise-class Managed IT Services and Cloud services that will empower IT users and drive success.

VDI, A desktop alternative growing in demand

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is common terminology for anyone who has managed and dealt with IT infrastructure, as a desktop alternative it is commonly found to be used by remote workers.

Cloud Data Centre Infrastructure as a key factor of Remote Working

For an employee to work remotely, they need to have sufficient access to the required infrastructure and equipment which enables them to work remotely, replicating an environment as if they are still in their work office

Improving business processes using Internet of Things

Businesses are always looking for solutions to reducing time and increasing efficiency of their employees and the equipment and technology that is being used in everyday work tasks.

RealWear as the real deal for industrial sectors

In certain industries where complicated machinery needs to be managed accordingly, field workers will come across a variety of concerns which will need to be overcome.