RealWear as the real deal for industrial sectors

In certain industries where complicated machinery needs to be managed accordingly, field workers will come across a variety of concerns which will need to be overcome.

Smart Glasses; Improving business functions through new eyes

Smart glasses is something that has been talked about as the next big technological innovation that is going to change how we work and use technology to help us in everyday life.

What is SharePoint and how can I use it?

It is not as common knowledge as many would expect of the facilities that Microsoft SharePoint can offer to a business. If used efficiently, it can strengthen how your business functions and manages documents and data.

Communicating the right way with Microsoft Teams

t is important to provide your workforce with the correct tools to enable them to be able to communicate and collaborate with ease even when they are not working in an office environment.

Migration to Microsoft 365, the future of cloud-based platforms

The focused use of cloud services continues to grow as CIU’s determine whether to remain with current IT infrastructure or make the leap to cloud-based platforms for everyday use in a working day.

Creating success with a digital workflow platform.

Having a productive workforce is essential for every organisation, how you manage a workforce can significantly affect the efficiency of your employees. The surge of digital technology

How to be effective with Digital Transformation

Although we may not know it, many businesses will find themselves going through the process of a digital transformation. How successful the transformation is going to be is a question that needs to be asked.

Adapting in new work environments with the aid of Virtual Desktop.

The ability to be able to work remotely has become ever so more present in the current times we are living in.

PC as a Service benefits: a desktop alternative

The constant demand for the latest technology has continued to influence the digital landscape. In a business environment where technology is relied upon so heavily.

The capabilities of vDaaS which you probably do not know about

There is no doubt that Virtual Desktop as a Service (vDaaS) will play an integral role in the recognition of remote working