Enabling proactive use of data utilization to drive your business forwards while facilitating cost-efficient budgets


Our industry has evolved to become more than just about building and selling vehicles. As smart vehicles have evolved, the technology to support our manufacturing and sales teams has not. Knight IT has introduced us to services and technology we didn’t know existed. Working with their automation and hyperreality solutions have simplified our business processes and made job workflows more efficient saving us valuable time & money

Director of Innovation – Leading smart vehicle component manufacturer

Transport companies that work with Knight IT have a clearer IT strategy towards how they manage their data which can provide them with greater visibility of their company when it comes to decision making. Knight IT services help to bridge the gap between users and technology with simplified processes and support.

Delivering IT Services within the Transport industry

Data Management

Data is an essential asset to any business, coming in many different forms and measured by key metrics. Efficiently managed data enables a clearer view of how IT users and business are contributing to the success of your business.

Utilising Microsoft 365

Aspects of Microsoft 365 are often neglected, through pro-active insights and recommendations to  Microsoft application services to ensure you get the best out of your Microsoft 365. We establish a clear understanding from senior management all the way down to IT users in your teams.

Long-term strategically planning

Working together with internal IT teams through the future planning of their long term vision for their IT users and resources. Predicting the future resources ensure IT budgets remain accurate avoiding unexpected costs for the future.

Business & IT Infrastructure alignment

Ensuring your IT strategy is aligned with your business strategy to maximize user productivity and collaboration across different teams within your workforce to empower your business.

From the nature of the industry, Transport is running 24/7/365 so therefore it is difficult to replace infrastructure, alternatively, current infrastructure capacity is increased which can often lead to outdated legacy systems.

Business should understand the value of their data. It is important and should drive business strategy and decisions. Data collection is often time-consuming and if not done correctly gain make it difficult to gain insights that your business can act on? Creating a single data silo and understanding the data models available to your business have will allow you to create powerful insights. Having a consistent data format will improve decision making and deliver a greater understanding of your business.

Users within the transport industry have a necessity to collaborate with other teams in the workforce. Data management often becomes an issue as there is an overlap in the use of documents, this can often lead to duplication and missing data which is essential for the business to function.

Transport is expected to consistently increase to a higher capacity and a faster pace. Infrastructure needs to be able to deal with this capacity. IT teams need to ensure their companies IT users have the tools and resources to power their business in this fast-paced industry.

To proactively plan will mitigate infrastructure being disruptive to your business in the future. Through being proactive it enables IT, teams, to see the bigger picture and take responsibility for IT barriers before they become an issue to IT users.