Optimise operations and business processes while empowering your users to be productive and secure.

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Our industry has evolved to become more than just about building and selling vehicles. As smart vehicles have evolved, the technology to support our manufacturing and sales teams has not. Knight IT has introduced us to services and technology we didn’t know existed. Working with their automation and hyperreality solutions have simplified our business processes and made job workflows more efficient saving us valuable time & money.

Director of Innovation – Leading smart vehicle component manufacturer

Automotive companies that work with Knight IT have seen an increase in productivity and profitability. By Introducing innovative tools to empower users, can drive performance and success to stand out in a competitive industry. Our services encourage collaboration and productivity, bridging the gap between technology and users with simplified processes and support.

Delivering IT Services within the Automotive industry

Communication & Collaboration

Utilising Hyperreality to generate collaboration amongst remote workers. Using smart headsets to host instant virtual meetings with team members in disparate locations, allowing your users in the field to share their audio and visual experiences in real-time with in-house experts.


Mobilise your entire workforce. Empower traditional office-bound workers by providing secure and remote access to your infrastructure. Drive productivity and improve working conditions for field workers with automation and hands-free technology.

Secure access

Provide secure access to your entire workforce as they access IT infrastructure. Giving users secure remote access to the data and information they need to be productive. Knight IT’s services protect your users, your core, and your data from being jeopardised.

Real-time digital reporting & alerts

Powerful dashboards can be customised to provide real-time information on customers, contractors, staff, regions and more. Moving to a reporting by exception model allows your workforce to capture proof-of-work as a standard process. Alerts and escalations are triggered automatically enabling your teams to focus on outstanding tasks.

Automotive industries despite moving forwards with modern technology in manufacturing, often find themselves still using an outdated process for field engineers as they carry out certain tasks. Paper-based processes still plague the industry often causing multiple data entry. Technology services should also empower workforces, technology services are available that can streamline processes and support engineers creating an empowered productive workforce.

Data is an extremely valuable asset to many businesses if not the most valuable in the modern world. It is a key driver towards strategy and decision-making and provides visibility across multiple aspects of a business. Creating a single data silo for all data entry and understanding how to use this data efficiently will allow you to create powerful insights. Having a consistent data format will improve decision making and deliver a greater understanding of your business through a clearer view of all your data which often comes from automated data entry processes into a secure and organised silo such as Microsoft SharePoint.


To make your workforce more productive, you need to provide your users with the tools that will empower them which can boost their productivity. By supporting users with tools that can automate processes, improve team collaboration and use actionable data to make a workforce proactive instead of reactive.

Your workforce is at the core of your business. Working at the centre of a business can provide a view of a business that sometimes is not seen at the senior management level. Empowering your users with the technology and tools they need will enable them to solve business challenges to drive your business forward before it is an issue identified by management.

Technology can internally improve collaboration, simplify processes and provide valuable data that can be used for decision making. Externally this can provide a better service for businesses to their clients. Technology should be used as a benefit and distinguishing factor for a client when choosing between a business and its competitors. If a business can show how they can provide value through their service and use technology as a differentiator with this, it will actively help businesses to win new tenders.