PC as a Service (PCaaS) provides businesses with a zero-touch, zero upfront cost & truly flexible approach to managing their physical endpoint devices.
Maximise your user’s productivity and experience, provide them with the right device for the job and let us manage the logistics.
Our service includes:
  • Portfolios built to custom specification
  • Custom image build
  • Bespoke user setup instructions
  • Service delivery manager for planning and deployment
  • On-site installation, setup and configuration
  • Security processes live check
  • Issue log maintained for your IT team
  • Packaging re-utilised for collection of old equipment
  • Existing equipment removed
  • Recycled IT equipment value (if any) passed back to the client

Tell us more about your PCaaS requirements

    Device Discovery Services
    Pre-deployment services
    Deployment Services
    In-Life Support Services
    Life Cycle Asset Management

    Device Discovery Services

    Pre-Deployment Services

    Deployment Services

    In Life Support Services

    Life Cycle Asset Management

    KIG’s Discovery solution will identify the right devices for each persona within your business. Optimising IT hardware and software spend and avoiding unnecessary costs for ad-hoc procurement.

    Pre-deployment and deployment services completely remove the stress and strain from your IT Team.  It allows your business to deliver a true enterprise service without any operational skills required in-house.

    During deployment, expect our team to install your new devices, check security processes, connect to the network and printers and also pack up your old devices and remove them.

    KIG’s in-life support service provides several support options that can be mixed and matched based on persona.

    Our lifecycle asset management solution comes complete with a TESMA powered management portal designed to easily manage your estate globally.

    Give your workplace devices the as-a-service treatment. Free yourself from the burden of managing PC deployments across your business. With PCaaS, your people will always have up-to-date tech that fits their needs. By adding managed roll-outs and ongoing support can keep employee downtime to a minimum and productivity up.

    Our service meets the needs of mobile workers and creates a flexible workspace. Whether it is users who need to share devices or access their desktop on the go from multiple devices. Your IT team will not need to do a thing until all your users are up and running, KIG will always deploy a service delivery manager to take care of the process.

    Let KIG help you create a more sustainable business.