Digital Workflow

Digital Workflow

Digital workflow will transform how you manage workflow and processes within your business. It will make your business more efficient and streamlined than ever before.
Working together with MPRO5, KIG can offer you a smart mobile workforce solution. As a fully customisable platform, MPRO5 can solve challenges in today’s workplace.
Digital Workflow Can:
  • Reduce Risk, with Health and Safety in Real-time
  • Save Time, with Smart, Dynamic Alert’s
  • Reduce Costs, with Biometric Time & Attendance
  • Reduce Cost, with Automated Escalation
  • Reduce Costs, with Dynamic Maintenance Scheduling
  • Increase Productivity, with Proof-Of-Presence
  • Reduce Cost, with Proof-Of-Work
  • Reduce Risk, with Guaranteed Data Security

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Time and attendance

Time & Attendance





reporting & KPI tracking

Reporting & KPI Tracking

Our digital workflow solution allows you more visibility, in real-time for tasks completed in the field or on-premise. With built-in automation, MPRO5 can decrease time spent on time-consuming business processes, like scheduling. The platform gives you the ability to unlock efficiency in your business which can solve common areas of difficulty of workflow in every business.

As a fully scalable software that can be tailored to your business requirements, simple and complex processes can be quickly be built and deployed specifically to the need of your business. MPRO5 lets you confidently send the right person, to the right place, at the right time, with the right tools, to get the job done.

MPRO5 is here to help you, set up alerts and take mobile workforce management to the next level in your company. Working with IoT sensor readings can enable a scheduled reactive job to be picked up or assigned to your employees which can keep you organised and efficient.

A proven platform to increase the productivity of your workforce, MPRO5 is used in over 260,000 sites nationwide. Save on the important resources of time and money.