RealWear as the real deal for industrial sectors

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RealWear as the real deal for industrial sectors

In certain industries where complicated machinery needs to be maintained by experts, field workers will come across a variety of concerns that will need to be overcome. Most of the time, the worker at hand will require extra assistance or help with their task. Due to the harsh working environment of some industries, jumping onto a call with a colleague for assistance can be just as challenging as the problem they are trying to solve.

RealWear has created a device to enable its users to continue to work and perform efficiently while simultaneously completing the job that allows you to avoid stoppages that can lead to downtime. Augmented reality is continually growing as a key pillar in the future of industrial fields. Its ability to allow asset tracking while utilizing real-time data to manage assets on the job. Using AR with RealWear can transform how a task is carried out by a user: by displaying work instruction, a video feed to a remote expert or trainer, or even playback a video of a previous repair. With all these options available to the worker carrying out the task, it creates error-proof maintenance and more insightful knowledge when carrying out the specific task.

RealWear glasses enable the user an opportunity to communicate to a remote expert if required, it gives the remote worker a point of view experience which. This is a much quicker solution to troubleshooting problems than manual reporting and waiting for a response. This can often lead to increased downtime for time-critical tasks. Even if a worker finds themselves in a noisy environment the device can still pick up voice commands and communicate back to the remote worker.

Hands-free also creates an environment for new workers in the industry to learn more quickly, users will gain experience in carrying out advanced tasks very early on in their careers if they are given the opportunity for on-the-job learning. There is a concern amongst industry leaders that there is beginning to be a shortage of skilled workers. As older industrial workers age out of the workforce this gap will be filled with millennials and Generation Z who have grown up in a digital world surrounded by technology, they will want the latest technology that can assist them to be more productive.   

Giving the user the ability to work hands-free unlocks an array of advantages that come in to play to enhance the performance of the worker carrying out the task. Having a 7″ screen projected in front of your workers improves productivity and reduces the digital distractions that come with reporting and looking up information. In many cases it requires workers to remove important PPE, which dramatically decreases their ability to work safely.

RealWear as a set of smart glasses would be the better choice for a workforce in harsh environments compared to other market alternatives. RealWear is ATEX approved and suitable for zone 1 environments, with a IP66 rating it means the device is protected against heavy seas and powerful jets as well as being completely dustproof. It has resistant to a 2-meter drop on to concrete, this shows its sustainability and ability to be suited to work in any environment. AR connects us to the new digital world that is frequently evolving and changing, It is essential to take advantage of this now. As a tool that can be used to improve performance and overcoming challenges workers may find while staying hands-free, it creates a new way to work. This assistance that RealWear can give you will become more of a fixed solution as industries discover how powerful the device can be for them, and potentially for you.