How to be effective with Digital Transformation

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How to be effective with Digital Transformation

Although we may not know it, many businesses will find themselves going through the process of a digital transformation. How successful the transformation is going to be is a question that needs to be asked. If a company wants to stay on top of its market, a successful digital transformation around its workflow is crucial to long-term success.

By measuring if the transformation is effective, we can understand what makes it successful. The objective should always be to improve efficiency and streamline processes. When managing the workflow of a business, introducing a new technology that automates mundane tasks will improve productivity and streamline aspect of day-to-day working to make your employees more productive.

Automation is a key tool within your digital transformation strategy. The automation of reports and collection of data can hugely contribute to reducing time spent on administrative duties. This saved time can be spent productively on other job responsibilities. By removing mundane repetitive tasks from your employee’s workloads, you will also boost their feeling of value within a business.

To help the transformation run smoothly, although the focus is around technology, the approach should be human-centred. The people affected by the transformation are the ones using it on a daily basis, so there should be a focus on employee experience within each workflow. It should be clearly set out that this digital workflow will bring:

  • Simpler methods
  • Enable employee mobility
  • Optimisation of facilities
  • Optimisation of services

The capabilities of the new digital workplace should be viewed as a natural evolution from previous processes. Your employees should approach the digital workflow with a new mindset. By making the transformation human-centred, employees are more likely to adopt the change so that they and the business benefit from the transformation. It is likely to completely disrupt the culture of your business if you do not have your employee’s in the right mind-set.

There should be a focus on automation and data that can be collected by the digital workflow tools implemented. Training and Time are required to develop a positive understanding by employees of how the platform will benefit them. Encouraging and creating engagement with employees in the early stages of the project will vastly improve the chances of success.

Digital transformation has the risk of being unsuccessful in any business. It needs to be approached and planned in the correct way to simultaneously bring data, people and processes together in a collaborative manner. KIG can help you achieve this if you are going through a digital transformation. Get in contact.